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“I believe it’s how you react to the situations you’re in, that can give you the results you want.”—Tina Ramos

A world of exciting purpose opened up to Tina at a young age when she was first exposed to group fitness classes. With a desire to make changes in her life, she fully committed to being physically active. Then later, she found a passion for leading others to better health.

Listen in as Tina, Jon, and Bryan talk about the challenges in getting started, the joys of coaching, and how the Just One Challenge can create new opportunities to Go Be More.


(3:09) Life as a kid and trying many sports…

(6:24) From Step Aerobics to Kickboxing and everything in between… group fitness classes open up a whole new world.

(11:35) Hurtful comments become a source of motivation.

(15:26) “If there’s something about yourself that you aren’t comfortable with or something that you don’t like, there’s a way to try to fix that or to try to change that so you can make things right.” Tina works to make changes through fitness.

(19:25) Teaching group fitness allowed for opportunities to inspire others…

(21:23) “But the reality is trying things out from a fitness standpoint; it’s never going to really hurt you.”

(23:39) There’s power in the one-on-one connection of personal training…

(26:40) “If you’re passionate about something, it makes all the difference because the passion will drive that motivation…”Tina shares what she feels is her purpose.

(27:33) Jon’s experiences with mentoring and coaching…

(32:51) Transitioning from student to teacher…

(36:49) The various types of classes Tina has taught…

(40:01) “And I felt like this is the best opportunity for me to be able to spend as much time as I possibly can while they’re young and just enjoy those moments because they’re so precious.” Tina shares about being a full-time Mom.

(45:18) “Building a skills network” a degree in global business…

(49:12) How Tina became involved with the Just One Challenge…

(51:42) It’s all about getting started.

(53:45) The superhero qualities of Billy Blanks…

(58:24) Current and future plans…

(1:01:42) “Go Be More, to me means, to get out there and do things that you never thought were possible…” Tina shares her thoughts on what Go Be More means to her.

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Recorded September 14, 2020.


Billy Blanks’s Tae Bo Nation – website

Just One Challenge – Instagram


Tina Ramos – Instagram



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