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Bryan’s new book Make the Leap: Think Better, Train Better, Run Faster went on sale on December 30, 2020. Get your copy at today!

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Update 2/2: Jon and I discussed the book on the Go Be More Podcast (episode 74).
Update 2/4: I joined the Strength Running Podcast (episode 177) to discuss the book.

Read the summary and reviews below:


The key to unlocking your potential isn’t in training harder or doing more sophisticated workouts. It’s in thinking better about your training.

Think better, train better.

Make the Leap provides athletes and coaches a step-by-step guide to thinking more effectively about all aspects of training. Chapter One explains exactly what a Leap Cycle is and why some athletes make a leap while others don’t. It then systematically breaks down–via 11 Optimal Training Principles and 4 mental model spotlights–the attitudes and behaviors that the top performers use to think better about their training.

Some of the key concepts in the book include:

  • Why leaps happen (and how to generate one)
  • The Build – Leap – Sustain “Leap Cycle” of improvement
  • The Momentum Model and identifying what is holding you back
  • The importance of attitude and mindset
  • Engagement and revealing the Hidden Training Program
  • Systems vs Purposeful Practice and when to use them
  • North Star goals vs Next Step goals
  • Using Next Level 80/20 thinking to prioritize your training
  • Understanding Risk and Reward in performances
  • And more!


Coaches, Olympians, and everyday runners agree: Make the Leap will help you think better, train better, and run faster.

Make the Leap will transform how you think about your training, which in turn will transform your entire running experience. If you feel you have untapped potential, read this book.”
Matt Fitzgerald, Coach, Author of 80/20 Running and Chasing the Dream

Make the Leap is a pathway book. A mental running clinic in book form, it allows an individualized approach for each person that reads it. It is a book I will read over and over again.”
Ken Reeves, 2x National Coach of the Year, 11x CA State Cross Country Champion at Nordhoff High

Make the Leap has completely flipped my mindset in every aspect of my training, and I now find myself more engaged and motivated to implement purpose in everything I do within my formal training program as well as my day-to-day life. I truly believe reading this was one of the best things I could do for myself in striving for my athletic potential.”
Sarah Turner, coach/dietician,

“If Make the Leap had been available I would have strongly encouraged the athletes I’ve coached over the years to read it at the start of each season.”
Bob Larsen, Hall of Fame Inductee; US Olympic Distance Coach, 4x NCAA Coach of the Year

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