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Jon Rankin


Jon Rankin is the founder and CEO of Go Be More as well as the co-host of the Go Be More Podcast. A noted public speaker, Jon first created the phrase Go Be More as an inspirational message for his audiences, whom he encourages to never stop chasing their dreams.

Jon’s life is an example of the Go Be More message. He willed himself to become one of the best milers in the world. After being diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease, he sought out treatments to overcome it. And as a businessman, he’s growing Go Be More to become one of the most prominent inspirational apparel companies in the world.


On April 9, 2005, Jon became the 17th African American in history to run a sub-4 minute mile. After graduating from UCLA, Jon was sponsored by Nike and trained and raced in the US and Europe in preparation for the 2008 Olympics, eventually running a personal best of 3:52 for the mile and earning an alternate spot in the 1500 meters. 

He was inducted into the National Black Marathoners Association Hall of Fame in 2015, and still holds the 1-mile and 1500m records for UCLA and the Cayman Islands.


In 2008, as part of a routine physical exam prior to the Olympic Trials, a kidney biopsy revealed a terminal disease known as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS. Jon was unable to train at his prior level and retired from the sport.

In 2011, Jon underwent an experimental stem cell surgery that appears to have reversed his kidney disease. He is currently an advocate for increased research into stem cell treatment for kidney disease, and partners with numerous organizations to promote kidney disease awareness.


Jon has given talks around the country to high school and college teams, sports camps, community organizations, and corporate events. His talks center on the core themes of chasing your dreams, understanding who you are and becoming the best version of you, overcoming obstacles and unexpected life changes, adopting the lifestyle of the person you wish to become, and his version of the Gingerbread Man story, which was part of the inspiration behind the Go Be More brand.

Jon’s speeches leave his audiences thinking differently about who they are and what they can accomplish, and it’s no surprise that he is consistently invited back to speak by the organizations who book him. If you’d like to invite Jon to speak to your organization–virtually or in-person–please contact Jon at, connect on Instagram @chasejonrankin, or call/message at 310-721-2003.

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