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Company FAQ

Go Be More is an inspirational apparel company based in Irvine, California, USA. We promote a philosophy of being yourself, continuously improving, and chasing big dreams. We believe clothes play a critical role in our ability to achieve our goals, by acting as a source of inspiration and commitment.

Go Be More was first conceived in 2007 by Jon Rankin as a motivational message and theme for his public speaking events. The company was founded in 2019 by Jon and his co-founder, Bryan Green.

Jon is a Caymanian-American middle-distance runner, kidney-disease survivor, public speaker and entrepreneur. He was an alternate for the 2008 US Olympic team at 1500 meters. He is also the only known recipient of stem-cell treatment to combat chronic kidney disease.

Jon is the CEO of Go Be More and co-host of the Go Be More Podcast. You can read more about Jon here.

Bryan first met Jon as a member of the UCLA track and field team, where they were teammates. He co-founded Go Be More in 2019 after working nearly 10 years for Apple and IT consulting. He is a university teacher, writer, and podcast host focused on utilizing social psychology to improve our daily lives.

He is currently the COO of Go Be More and co-host of the Go Be More Podcast. His first book Make the Leap: Think Better, Train Better, Run Faster is on sale now.

Our logo was designed by Nadine Denten. She is a wizard.

You can find us on the following platforms:

We have set up a private group on Facebook for our Go Be More Community. This is a place where we can share about our Go Be More journeys without broadcasting to our larger networks. Please join us and share your journey.

At Go Be More our philosophy is to be yourself, take small steps, and chase big dreams. Each week we interview inspiring guests and discuss strategies and mindsets to break out of your constraints, build positive momentum and pursue the life you were meant to be living.

You can find our podcast on all the major platforms:

Or you can listen online at Simplecast.

We currently advise a couple organizations who are in the process of launching their podcasts. We have developed strong processes and partnerships that have allowed us to scale very quickly. Please reach out to us at if you are interested in speaking with us. 

In the meantime, we discussed some of our initial lessons learned in this blog post and in this podcast episode on Lessons Learned After 20 Episodes.

The Just One Challenge is a social movement we started to help people build healthy habits and overcome the challenge of getting started. We believe the secret to getting started is committing to do the smallest amount possible, and then building off of that.

  • Do just one push-up a day.
  • Read just one page a day.
  • Do just one minute of meditation a day.
  • Share just one post a day

When you commit to doing Just One, you commit to creating the habit you need to be successful. Join us on Instagram @justone.challenge

Hear our podcast episode about Why the Just One Challenge Works So Well

If you are a member of the press, please contact Jon directly at

If you are hoping to book Jon or Bryan for a podcast or to speak with your team, please send an email to

Jon is an accomplished speaker who loves to connect with all audiences.

Please note: due to the shelter-in-place requirements in place in the state of California, Jon is unable to attend in-person events at this time. However, he frequently conducts virtual talks and would be happy to discuss further how to support your organization.

Please contact Jon directly at

We are not actively seeking submissions, but we are open to publishing guest posts that align with Go Be More’s message. These can be personal stories or tips and strategies to help our community Go Be More.

Please contact Bryan at

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