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“There are so many different platforms out there for people who want to be their best runner, but there are very few platforms out there that are trying to help people truly fall in love with the sport of running.”—Will Leer

Personal journeys are as unique as the runners who share them, and often the lessons are found in the details.

Join us as popular running personality, Will Leer, recalls his experiences as a D3 runner, how a lack of confidence impacted him, the simple solution to a health issue, and where his running shoes are taking him now.


(1:30) Jon welcomes his peer, his competitor, his friend…

(4:55) Growing up in Minneapolis, supportive parents, a competitive grandmother, and never considering track and field…

(10:41) “I’m here to be a better soccer player,” and other statements that quickly led Will to middle distance running.

(15:06) From blustery Minnesota to balmy Pomona…

(18:48) “I can’t play Scrabble without like sweating through my armpits…” Winning the conference 1500 as a freshman…

(19:31) It was like a deflating balloon after two miles… knowing that something was not right.

(23:40) “I put a lot of pressure on myself, but then that didn’t happen.” Will shares the trials of his collegiate career.

(26:22) How a rival can take you to new heights. Will talks about friend and running great, Nick Symmonds.

(28:16) 7-11, a case of beer, and an NCAA backpack… taking notes on advice for a fast 1500.

(33:10) “These are human beings, accomplishing things that are superhuman or that you deem as superhuman…I  think I can, I can do that. I can do something or maybe not exactly that, but like I can come pretty damn close.”

(37:33) Low points, tantrums, and great advice…

(42:07) Will recounts his favorite running accomplishment.

(49:43) “I could almost write the story of how Jon felt going into that race versus how I felt because I didn’t have the Olympic standard…”

(54:35) From D3 to the biggest stage…Feeling like he shouldn’t be at the Olympic trials.

(58:16) Changing limiting beliefs and SELF-expectations.

(1:02:49) “I kind of feel like it’s the same thing with making it to the level that we compete at, Will… at the end of the day, I’m like humbly speaking, you know, there wasn’t another runner in the world that wasn’t clearly better than me. And I felt that. I could see that.”

(1:07:08) What’s up next for Will?

(1:11:21) “I think that one of the great things about running is that it does require you to constantly challenge your personal beliefs of what you’re capable of.” Will shares his view on the phrase, Go Be More.

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Recorded August 19, 2020.


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