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“It was kind of like a lightning bolt moment for me. I was like, Oh my God, this is one of those things that I’m meant to do on this planet. It’s to figure this out.”—Clayton Frech

Join Jon and Bryan as they take a deep-dive into the world of adaptive athletics with Clayton Frech. His non-profit organization—Angel City Sports—provides year-round free adaptive sports opportunities for kids, adults, and veterans living with physical disabilities or visual impairments.

Clayton transparently shares from his heart the lessons he, his family, and son Ezra have learned as they’ve explored the opportunities for all types of athletes striving to Go Be More.


(3:00) Jon, Clayton, and their “matchmaker,” Isaac…

(5:20) Have you ever seen a blind man do the high jump?

(7:20) “… they’ve mastered their body, their athletic performance… but they have to also master their body’s interaction with technology.”

(11:04) How do we simplify the process of getting started in sports?

(12:30) “Growing up, I never felt like I belonged anywhere.” Clayton shares what his childhood looked like.

(16:16) Skateboards, college classes, and corporate ladders…

(19:40) These skill sets have helped in building a non-profit…

(22:51) Ezra was born and a whole new world opened up.

(26:25) A “roadmap” can make all the difference.

(29:45) For the love of sports…

(32:43) “And the main takeaway from that was the kids that seemed better adjusted, more self-confidence, and just farther along in the self-acceptance journey tended to be from small towns…”

(34:34) A leg built out of wood… Ezra’s family meets Paralympians for the first time.

(37:09) Ezra experiences the Endeavor games.

(39:13) Why go into adaptive athletics when he was doing so well in age group sports?

(47:14) Amazing mentors that have been a part of the journey…

(50:41) Was there a special formula?

(53:30) “…my wife gets like the lion share of credit… The work that she did with him in terms of giving him the tools to be successful in life beyond sport, is really pretty incredible.”

(57:31) There’s a celebrity in the house…

(1:00:00) Angel City Sports role in adaptive athletics…

(1:06:14) “…we don’t discriminate. So all ages, all physical disabilities, veterans, civilians, you name it.”

(1:08:29) “Kids need to see adults, whether they’re vets or civilians functioning at a high level, competing and going after it… And then the adults and the vets, we’re always inspired by having a little kid who doesn’t think about their disability.”

(1:11:24) You never know who’s going to show up! Celebs supporting the events…

(1:16:12) It starts with just one.

(1:19:05) It’s about creating a sense of belonging…

(1:22:03) What’s the number one problem in the adaptive and Paralympic sports communities?

(1:23:43) Is Angel City Sports going to other locations?

(1:32:12) Paralympic and adaptive sports are where you can refill your “tank.” Sport is so important to this community.

(1:42:22) “And it’s scary because if you don’t understand it, if it’s not a part of your life, if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.”

(1:45:11) “(Angel City Sports) is for people that don’t have the resources and the time and the family support and all the blessings that Ezra has.”

(1:46:42) What does the phrase Go Be More mean to you?

(1:48:32) Closing…

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Recorded September 11, 2020.


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Clayton Frech – @clayton.frech



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