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We are excited to announce the launch of Go Be More Podcast interviews every Friday. Our first guest, Mike Lemos, is also our first ever customer. Mike discusses his background, his love of music, and his approach to losing weight and retaking control of his health.

We believe we can share the Go Be More philosophy even better by inviting on some amazing people to have them share their Go Be More stories with us. We’re embarking on something new with this episode and doing our first interview.

Our 50 minute talk with Mike Lemos covers a range of topics, from his focus on nutrition as the foundation of his health, to his love of cycling and music, and his emphasis on community and not going it alone. On the way he name drops a Hungarian Olympian, shares some stories of running in San Diego, and tells our version of the Gingerbread Man story even better than we do!

Mike truly embodies the Go Be More spirit.

Going forward, Jon and Bryan will continue their conversations every Tuesday, and we’ll post a new interview every Friday.

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Or listen below to our full interview with Mike Lemos!

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