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Of course Go Be More has a mission statement. We are literally on a mission to make the world better! And that starts with making YOUR world better. We are passionate about building a community of like-minded people who share our belief in self-improvement, strength in community, and the power to change the world.


We create products that inspire people to pursue their unique dreams, passionately and systematically.


Whether it is an article on our blog or an article of clothing, we want everything we do to inspire. Some of these products are free. Some fund our mission. And some we sell to benefit worthy causes.

When we partner with anyone, be it an affiliate, a guest writer or a co-branded product, we’ve always chosen that partner because they align with our mission, and we trust in their integrity. (You can read our disclosure policy here.)

We are committed to maintaining the highest possible quality in everything we do. You deserve the best as you strive to be your best. If you ever have an issue, we’ll work with you to resolve it as quickly as possible.


The most important aspect to living a fulfilled life is knowing who you are and pursuing your unique path. That doesn’t mean being a flamboyant artist or ground-breaking scientist or TED-speaking thought-leader. It means being you. And finding people, work, and a community who make you better. And it’s about continually building on your unique strengths to make your life uniquely yours.

Your dreams matter. They provide you a North Star: a point on the horizon you can always use to guide you. Having a North Star allows you to see the roadblocks and long meandering roads for what they are: temporary detours. Detours may slow you down, but they can’t stop you if you choose to keep going.

Dreams don’t have to be life-long pursuits, however. At Go Be More, dreams include anything you aspire to achieve. Goals, milestones, awards and recognition are all dreams by another name. And we need these mini-dreams as much as we need a North Star. Feeling empowered and fulfilled is not about achieving one amazing outcome. It’s about consistent improvement and minor victories in the pursuit of something greater.

We particularly love this quote from Kelsey Bruce, which sums up how we feel about dreams:

“What I’ve come to realize throughout this process is that dreams do come true. I know it sounds cliché, but really. We all accomplish dreams on a day-to-day basis; it’s just that sometimes, by the time they come true, we’ve already moved on to the next one or we don’t slow down long enough to appreciate them. I don’t know about you, but nailing tomorrow’s workout is kind of a mini-dream! Stack all these day-to-day things on top of each other and then before you know it, it’s real.”

Kelsey Bruce, prior to competing at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar, 2019


When you know who you are and who you want to be, you’re half-way there. All you need now is to tap into the passion within you and create a plan to get from A to B.

Passion is the fuel that drives our personal journeys. It comes from within us, but it also comes from the community and environment we create around ourselves. When everything in your life is aligned to support your passion, it pours out of you. When you’re fighting against your environment, it is like having a hole in your gas tank. You never get as far as you know you should.

Aligning our environment and choosing the right community are just two of the systems we can put in place to ensure our success. The reality is, successful people often follow the same steps. They build success into their lives, one micro-interaction at a time. And you can, too. There’s nothing magical about it. It’s 100% learnable.

It starts by developing the best habits of thought, and then applying them into daily habits and routines. Highly successful people continually cultivate tools for understanding the world that improve their chances of success. And they take a long-term approach, emphasizing long-term progress over short-term rewards.

Even though it is simple, it isn’t easy. But with the right community, a solid foundation, and knowledge of others’ best practices, it is possible. We aim to do this together with you.


We want our products to inspire YOU to passionately pursue YOUR unique dreams, and to build the systems YOU need to achieve them.

If you have an idea for how WE can do that better, please tell us. WE are all in this together!


Go Be More is centered around five pillars. These represent the five areas of our lives that we need to thrive in order to achieve our dreams.


Being active is a choice. Unfortunately, in modern society it is often not the default. (At the rate we’re going, “being active” will mean swiping our thumb and rolling our eyes at everything that appears on our screens.) We are not meant to be stagnant and stationary, scrolling through endless “content.” We need to be up, moving, doing, being.

Being physically fit makes our lives better. We look better, we feel better, we think better and we act better. Being active gives us more energy to do more. To be more.

Being active also means being engaged. Putting in a little extra effort. Making the first move. Initiating a conversation. Joining and leading a movement. Digging in. It is a great way to identify exactly who you are, and who you want to be. And to meet the community of people who will help you get to that place.

Our Go Be More Active products are born from our experiences as elite athletes. And as post-elites, we still see the value everyday in having a Go Be More Active approach to life.


Being spiritual doesn’t simply mean being religious. It’s much broader than that. Being spiritual is about realizing you are a part of a larger world, and about finding your purpose and place in it.

Some things are universal. We all want to love and be loved, for example. But where we choose to devote our energy, which causes we support and which problems we aim to solve can vary greatly. And that’s fantastic! The world doesn’t work if we don’t all harness our unique abilities and make our one-of-a-kind contributions.

By understanding our core values and aligning our lives around them, we create the conditions for success: successful results, yes, but even more importantly successful relationships, communities, and a sense of contribution.

Our Go Be More Spiritual products will inspire you to embrace who you are, and to live by the core values you hold dear.


There is no one quality that guarantees us a perfect life. Not talent, not personality, not effort or education. You can be highly talented, personable, hard-working and educated and still fail. But that doesn’t mean these things aren’t important. They are essential, and education may be the most essential.

All consistently successful people share one quality: they are lifelong learners. They pursue knowledge, challenge assumptions, and seek wisdom to better understand their worlds. They create systems around learning. These systems not only help them allocate the time needed to learn, but they help to connect new ideas to old so that they can be recalled and accessible when needed.

There are concepts and ways of thinking that have helped people for thousands of years. There is amazing research about how our minds interpret information and form unnoticed biases. Lifelong learners embrace universal knowledge and seek out their implicit biases to give them an edge.

Our Go Be More Educated products identify universal concepts like mental models, which can be broadly applied across many circumstances. But they also focus more strategically on building a broad “talent stack”–a collection of skills and knowledge that interconnect such that they result in a powerfully unique “ability-set.” that sets you apart from your competition.


Being charitable is about donating money to worthy causes. We won’t try to pretend that it isn’t. We support great causes with special promotions and designs, where all of the profits go to the cause itself. We do this proudly and never plan to stop.

But charity isn’t just about money. It can be about giving time, energy and attention. Money solves a lot of problems. But some of the most personal, most individual, most delicate problems require something more. It can be as simple as stopping by to say hi to a friend after work, or inviting someone to eat with you in the cafeteria. Listening to someone’s story, sharing their work, and choosing to be present just a little longer are all great ways to not just make someone else feel better, but to learn and grow ourselves.

Charity is an essential aspect of being more spiritual, as well. It is one thing to know your core values. It is another to act on them in a selfless way, that has no immediate return to you. Building charity into your life is a way to make your community stronger, and just as “it takes a village to raise a child,” it takes strong villages to raise strong children.

Our Go Be More Charitable products emphasize giving back to our community. We ask that you join us and make charity a part of your Go Be More lifestyle.


We all want to be wealthy. We want to have enough money to do the things we enjoy doing, and to guarantee our safety and security into old age. And most of us aren’t born into wealth. But it is still within our reach. No matter where we are starting from, channeling our passion through the right systems can get us to where we want to be.

Money is not something to be feared. It feels complicated and overwhelming. Everybody seems to have it and know what to do with it. But that’s an illusion. Most people don’t realize how simple money matters can be. Nor how simple most highly successful people approach managing their own money.

Dreams aren’t easy to achieve. They often aren’t cheap, either. But just as you can systematically break down your dreams into achievable goals and milestones, so too can you do the same with money. Financial success follows the same fundamental rules as success in anything else. Clear dreams, understanding a few core principles, proven systems that avoid simple mistakes, and taking it one step at a time.

Our Go Be More Wealthy products inspire us to keep things simple, to stay focused on what matters most, and to think more productively about our personal finances.


Jon Rankin is the founder and Chief More Officer at Go Be More. The five pillars are the foundation of his approach to life, and make up the core of his speaking message.

bryangreen.pngBRYAN GREEN

Bryan Green is the Editor and COO of Go Be More. He’s a firm believer in a powerful mission statement, and wants our mission to not just guide our company, but to inspire our larger community.

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