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It’s been a whirlwind experience for Jon since his episode on the Clean Sport Co podcast. We discuss how he’s feeling a couple days later.

Reliving His Experience Today
– How the interview he gave with the Clean Sport Collective was not what any of them were probably expecting
– How Jon has never truly dealt with the fact that he felt his career was taken from him when he was in his prime
– How confused he felt at the time and how all of his priorities shifted, even though he wasn’t completely aware of it at the time
– What a typical kidney disease diagnosis means for a patient in terms of “time-to-dialysis”
– The feedback Jon has been getting from listeners and the connection they are seeing between his story and our mission at Go Be More, and how the work we are doing at Go Be More has enabled him to see and tell his story
– How even Jon feels like he is hearing his story for the first time, and yet he feels transported back to that time and can experience it again

What Jon Laments About His Career
– Jon’s frustration comes from wanting to prove he was the best and not getting the chance to do it
– How the 2006 USA Championships was the moment when everybody knew he was the next great runner, and how it ended tragically with a broken foot
– How his kidney disease diagnosis hit him at the wrong time, when he didn’t have the stability and support network to overcome it in that moment
– Jon’s desire to prove that he was one of the greats not because he needed the validation, but because it was real
– Why he doesn’t beat himself up over his experience, but rather feels a lot of love as a result of it
– Why if you have the right intentions and strive to make the best decision you can, even the wrong decision was the right decision
– How the loss of one opportunity may have opened the door to his stem cell treatment and another opportunity to make a unique difference in the world of chronic kidney disease and stem cell research
– And how Jon stays so grounded despite having such big dreams

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Recorded August 9, 2020.


Episode #61: Jon Rankin, US Junior Champion in the 1500m and Founder of Go Be More Apparel – Clean Sport Podcast

What is FSGS? – National Kidney Foundation

Cell Surgical Network –

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