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We tell the complete story of Jon’s chronic kidney disease experience, from diagnosis to experimental stem cell surgery:

Just One Challenge
– How Jon feels the Just One Challenge is opening up the opportunity for him to achieve his goals by ensuring he gets started every day
– Why obstacles like running in the rain are best overcome by having a minimal commitment

Pre-Diagnosis Memories
– Jon describes the “energy spells” he would experience as a child
– His first indication of an issue with his kidneys, when he didn’t pass the urine test as part of his physical exam for the US Naval Academy
– He had no other indications of a problem for roughly the next decade
– Jon’s friend Moses, a chef at the Olympic Training Center, who went through a kidney transplant and Jon’s desire to donate his kidney at that time

Diagnosis to Surgery
– Jon describes experience of receiving his diagnosis of a kidney problem from the doctors at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA
– The confusion he felt being told he was half-way toward kidney failure
– His decision to delay his biopsy until after the Olympic Trials that summer and the effect his diagnosis had on his mental state entering that competition
– His official diagnosis of of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) at the end of 2008
– Why Jon credits being so physically fit with keeping him from needing dialysis or a transplant much sooner
– Why it’s hard for Jon to talk about how he handled his diagnosis in the years following
– How his priorities shifted and the effect that had on many of Jon’s decisions, and the lack of stability he had in his life at that time
– Jon’s next two years, when he became a preschool teacher for a year and was close to quitting the sport

Stem Cell Surgery
– How Jon heard about the experimental stem cell surgery to treat FSGS
– The role Brent Concolino and the Rock Institute have played in Jon’s life
– Drs Elliot Lander, Mark Berman, and Jackie See, their backgrounds and the roles they played in his procedure
– How Jon’s particular procedure used stem cells from his own fat (and why that was tricky given how little fat he had to draw from!)
– What some of the risks of using stem cells were, and the potential benefits that led Jon to decide to do it
– The actual details of the procedure
– How Jon felt and progressed in the six to twelve months after the procedure

Post-Surgery Status
– Jon’s latest test in September 2019 which showed that he was doing great, 8 years after the procedure and 20 years after his first indication of a kidney problem as a high school senior
– The limited data points available indicate that at a minimum, Jon’s kidney disease did not progress along a typical path and his stem cell treatment is one of the few potential reasons why
– We cannot say that stem cells reversed or cured Jon’s kidney disease, only that we believe it is an area where more research should be focused
– Our goal of raising awareness and funds for research into stem cells as a viable treatment for chronic kidney disease by telling Jon’s story wherever possible
– Chronic kidney disease affects one in seven people and over 100,000 people get diagnosed every year in the US
– The importance for all of us to get tested and catch it early if we are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed
– The reality for listeners interested in getting Jon’s treatment that stem cell treatments are, at the time of this publication, banned in the US and undergoing a drawn out review by the FDA
– And finally, an official disclaimer: everything discussed in this podcast is based on Jon’s experience and opinions, and has not been reviewed or endorsed by any of the doctors or other people who played a role in Jon’s experience. Any errors or miscommunications reside with us and not them.

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Recorded July 3, 2020.


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