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Our latest podcast episode is a talk with US triple jump champion and Emmy award winning videographer Von Ware. He embodies the mindset of continually developing new skills and defining your own niche.


In this episode…

We speak with Von Ware, former US Champion in the triple jump and Emmy award winning videographer who now works with major brands like Nike and Gatorade. A self-described “athlete nerd,” Von shares stories about how he transitioned from gymnastics to track, his passion for videography, and why he wants to help athletes tell their stories.

Along the way, Von shares stories of the other great jumpers he competed with, his mentality of being content with putting it all out there, and some of his Go Be More goals for himself and his business.

Von’s approach to developing new skills and continuous improvement is really made clear in our conversation. We hope you can take inspiration from his story.

Jon and Bryan will continue their conversations every Tuesday, and new interview will be posted every Friday.

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