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Kelli Hashimoto started Runnergrams as a way to make her friends smile. She talks to us about it becoming a small business and online community.


“I didn’t really have a vision. It was just like these little wins that kept me going and really inspired me to create more.” – Kelli Hashimoto

With the intent to make her friends smile, Kelli found a way to connect her artistic abilities with her love of the running community.

And as a result, Runnergrams was born.

Listen in as she and Bryan chat about the challenges in the creative process, scaling up entrepreneurial ideas, and pursuing happiness.


(3:27) A crazy year, a backyard wedding, and being positive…

(6:08) Growing up and finding a love for running through a family competition…

(11:04) “And at that time, 13 miles seemed unachievable to me, but I was like, okay, if you say so, I’ll sign up for this half marathon. And then right after I finished, I was like, that was hard, but I guess I’ll sign up for my first full marathon.” An intro into the running community…

(12:05) Connecting running with art…

(13:28) The genesis of Runnergrams…

(15:28) Going from a side project for friends to a more public project… “I was getting more creative, I would say, I was thinking of puns. I love puns. And so apparently, everyone else does, too.”

(17:07) From encouraging friends to building a business… “As artists you’re always kind of growing and that’s why you hate some of the stuff that you’ve done before.”

(18:35) Starting with low expectations…

(20:06) A great framework to Go Be More…

(22:45) “I truly don’t think of myself as a traditional artist. When I think about what I’m doing with Runnergrams, I know that I am creating, and I think a big challenge for me is believing in myself.” Confidence is a strange quality…

(25:36) The concept of self-efficacy…

(28:06) The impact of the running community…

(30:04) “At first, it was fun. And I was like, okay, maybe I’ll just keep drawing for the same friends over and over, but it quickly kind of spread.”

(33:15) Challenges faced as Runnergrams is growing…

(37:29) Next Step and North Star goals…

(39:22) What does Go Be More mean? “I actually love it because it kind of resonates with a lot of how I think normally. I can get lazy and sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day. But I think for me, ‘Go Be More’ is that reminder—don’t do that.

You can be so much more; you can use your time so much wiser, like to read a book. For me, it’s creating, but it’s that reminder of not getting trapped in that.”

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Recorded April 19, 2021.


Runnergrams – Instagram

Coach Jess (@paceofme) – Instagram


Kelli Hashimoto – website | Instagram | Twitter


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