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Our latest podcast episode is with Emmy Award winning news anchor Kristina Audencial. She discusses how she seized her second chance and eventually realized her dream of becoming an anchor.


In this episode…

We speak with Kristina Audencial, the morning news anchor for Fox 5 San Diego. Kristina walks us through the ups and downs of her career in news, from her first audition in high school to working as a writer/producer, reporter, and now anchor.

It wasn’t always a smooth journey, however, Kristina shares why she left the business entirely before coming back and eventually winning an Emmy for her reporting on Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. She shares how the experience changed her life and the fine line of being professional and “human” in her work.

Kristina was a joy to speak with and we’re sure you’re going to love this conversation.

Jon and Bryan will continue their conversations every Tuesday, and new interview will be posted every Friday.

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