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We discuss what’s going on at Go Be More HQ, and then how and why to use backcasting, including:

Our Updates
– How we feel today about one year after deciding to start Go Be More together
– Why the podcast was important for us to build around
– The growth of the Just One Challenge and the feedback we are getting from everyone doing it

– What backcasting is, and how it can be juxtaposed with forecasting
– The two benefits: identifying your main obstacles and determining if there is a realistic path to achieving your goal
– Jon’s approach to imagining he already was the person he intended to be and how that guided his lifestyle decisions
– The importance of aligning your goals with the lifestyle required to achieve them
– How you can use backcasting to identify the high level obstacles and start your planning process and the day-to-day behaviors you will need to do to be successful
– Why it works for any type of goal, from being the Olympic champion to writing a book, to improving your relationship with a loved one
– How backcasting and planning can empower you and feed your strength and motivation by increasing your confidence in what you are doing
– An exercise to sit down and think of where you want to be in the future and identify the five biggest obstacles that will keep you from getting there
– And why if you can sit down and think of just one new potential obstacle and make a plan to overcome it, you’ve just improved your chances at being successful

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Recorded July 29, 2020.


Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts by Annie Duke – Amazon

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