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We use Clay Christensen’s framework of marginal costs vs full costs to talk about what’s wrong with the way so many Americans are thinking about the coronavirus:

– Bryan shares his day-to-day experience of being in Japan and how much more unified the Japanese response compared to America
– The bad logic many people use when they distrust organizations who don’t get everything right from the beginning
– The problem of too many voices and too much distrust
– Why Bryan is cynical about the media and its structural bias toward manipulating emotions to sustain attention
– The responsibility we need to take to make good decisions for everyone in our community
– Clay Christensen’s idea of marginal costs and full costs, and how we tend to put a lot of emphasis on the marginal costs and not enough attention on the full costs
– What may have been true about the coronavirus three months ago can be different today, and the full costs need to be taken more seriously now
– The importance of seriously asking the question: “What will I do if somebody in my life gets it?” and having a plan for that unlikely scenario because even though it’s unlikely, the effects are huge
– The reality of how we overestimate the effect of marginal costs and why that leads us to make bad decisions
– Why we can think this way even if we don’t believe the worst case scenario is going to happen; and why using driving is a good way to compare the current situation to something we do consistently
– Why we felt it is important to address these topics as a mission-based company focused on helping people chase their dreams
– Why it’s important to stick with it, don’t get yourself down about the inconveniences and sacrifices, and make sure you come out of this healthy

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Recorded July 15, 2020.


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