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We break down the Just One Challenge, including:

– Where the idea originated and how it ties to everything we believe at Go Be More
– How the Just One Challenge helps solve the critical problem of getting started every day, day after day
– How the Just One Challenge helps to create the habits and routines that ultimately lead to success
– How moving forward in a positive direction doesn’t have to lead you to a specific goal, but rather can help to create opportunities, which you can pursue as goals in the future
– Why it’s not about doing one, but doing one every day. The difficulty is in the consistency, which is where the benefits are, too.
– The two things that happened to Bryan after one month of his Just One push-up challenge: he felt ridiculous saying he couldn’t do one push-up, and he felt ridiculous doing only one push-up.
– How it causes you to rethink a lot of assumptions that end up becoming limitations and throwing them all out the window
– How this forces us to not overshoot and set ourselves up for failure by setting expectations we aren’t ready to meet
– How the Just One Challenge can also help you understand why you are doing something and where it fits into your life
– How the Just One Challenge defines your minimum, but not your maximum, and how both can change over time
– Some practical, real-world examples where we’ve applied the Just One Challenge and examples where we’ve failed because we overshot and didn’t use it
– Why sometimes you want to make your Just One Challenge about quantity (one push-up, one page) and other times about time (one minute)
– How doing it with an accountability partner can help, and how creating physical reminders of your progress can boost your consistency
– And lastly, why one is infinitely more than none, and how getting to one consistently is the key to success

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Recorded July 10, 2020.


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