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We speak with Ben Auerbach, entrepreneur, lifelong athlete, gold medalist for Team USA and CEO of One Fitness and Maui Method. Ben has had an eventful life, which has led him to undertake some pretty big transitions. We discuss those in detail and how they’ve led him to where he is today, doing work he loves and volunteering with two organizations—Mankind Project and Inside Circle—that are doing great work in the community.

We spoke with Ben at a difficult time—just six weeks earlier his father passed away due to COVID-19 just prior to being released from federal prison. We discuss the challenges Ben faced in dealing with that situation, and some of the major problems inmates and their families face today.

Ben is a truly inspiring person, full of positive energy and passion. We’re so happy he joined us to share his story.

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Jon and Bryan discuss some of the major events that have led Ben Auerbach to where he is today and how he’s learned to focus his energy internally. Our topics covers:

– Growing up in a Jewish/Filipino bi-racial family, with a twin brother (who was better than him at basketball)
– How he chose his university, and why it was ultimately not the right choice for him
– How he went about deciding to transfer schools, and why he feels it was the right decision
– Ben’s advice to young people struggling to make difficult decisions in their lives
– Starting and navigating a career in banking in 2007, just as the recession was about to hit
– Competing for the US team and winning a gold medal at the Maccabi Games, the third largest sporting event in the world
– Finding out his father was going to federal prison, and how he poured himself into his work and running as an escape
– Deciding to quit banking and start a fitness company in Maui
– Why not getting accepted into business school was probably a blessing in disguise
– Building a business around his passions of mind and body, health and wellness
– His work with Mankind Project, which helps men get in touch with their emotions and spirituality
– Using his experience with the Mankind Project to develop a new set of skills that he could incorporate into his business
– His work with Inside Circle, an organization that works with prison inmates to explore the similar issues to the Mankind Project
– The similar conversations and experiences felt all men, from CEOs to inmates alike
– How his experiences with Mankind Project and Inside Circle enabled him to do the necessary work to emotionally deal with his father’s incarceration
– His experience with the federal prison system, especially once COVID-19 started to spread within prisons
– His father’s death due to COVID-19, the experience he went through trying to help his father, and the emotions he went through after receiving the news
– His new company, Maui Method, which offers coaching services and has an impressive stable of experts, including Khadevis Robinson, Shannon Rowbury, Emily Kraus and some former Navy Seals
– And last but not least, what the three words Go Be More mean to Ben!


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Ben Auerbach – Maui Method + One Fitness@onefitnessmaui


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