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In this episode, Jon and I speak with sub-four miler and long-term senior care entrepreneur Bryan Lindsay.

Bryan Lindsay was a great runner who didn’t end up having the career he imagined for himself. But the approach he took to it created relationships and developed skills that have helped to put him in a position to chase his dreams today.

Bryan is a natural connector, and he took advantage of this to become close friends with not just his teammates, but his competitors too. And that approach led to many of his competitors becoming teammates at later stages in their careers. He also talks about his focus on maximizing his potential, and how he planned out his path to the Olympics as a high school sophomore, despite not even being the best runner in his area.

Bryan is a great example that you don’t have to have the most talent to be great, and you don’t have to achieve all your goals to have success. When you dream big, accept the risks, and put in the work you will get something good out of it.

Now Bryan is working to take that same mentality and reform the way we do long-term senior care, with his company The Restoracy. They are seeking to upend the existing model of institutional nursing home care to restore health, dignity, and the familiarity of home to our seniors.

This was a great conversation, and Bryan’s stories of his running career and his life journey are truly inspiring.


We talk with sub-4 miler and senior care reformer Bryan Lindsay about his running career and how he’s building a model for senior care that works.

Bryan’s Running Career
– Some thoughts on camaraderie between competitors and what the “right” approach is to associating with other athletes at competitions
– His friendships he created with the other top runners and how that eventually led them to all compete together at BYU
– The motivation he got from trying to figure out what the top teams in his region were doing and his subscription to Track and Field News
– How he read a book about Olympic athletes who shared his faith and that also contributed to his belief he could achieve his goals
– His focus on achieving his potential and finding his personal limits
– How he was already planning out his path to the Olympics at age 26 when he was a sophomore in high school, and the importance of engaging and studying your craft
– His experience serving a mission for his church in Portugal, and how that affected his overall career
– How he went six years without a personal best due to his mission and repeated injuries
– His experience breaking the four-minute barrier with Jon at the Rafer Johnson/Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational in 2005 (and experiencing Diddy Riese cookies)
– Finishing second at the NCAA Championships for 1500m and the opportunity that created to run professionally with New Balance
– How he’s transitioned to doing triathlons now and setting his Masters PRs

Restoracy and Transforming Senior Care
– Going back to school and getting a Master’s in Health Administration
– Working in health care and for large institutional nursing homes
– His startup long-term healthcare facility called The Restoracy, which centers around making the nursing home experience feel more like a real home
– How he took one big idea from his running: have big goals and go after them knowing there are risks, so do it with the best plan you can create
– The initial feedback he is receiving and why he believes his company is a better model for long-term care in the future
– And finally, what Go Be More, means to Bryan

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Recorded September 2, 2020.


The Restoracy – website

1999 NCAA Championships 1500m Final – YouTube

2005 Rafer Johnson/Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational Mile – YouTube

2005 NCAA Championships 1500m Final – YouTube

Diddy Riese cookies – website


Bryan Lindsay – @BYUMiler_Bryan,


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