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It’s taken us a while to get here, but we are so excited to announce the launch of the Go Be More Store! It started in 2007, and it’s been a long journey. It’s just a milestone, not our destination. But it’s a big one and we believe in celebrating big milestones.

In 2007, Go Be More became the theme of Jon’s speeches at public events. And it was a big hit, with many people commenting how much it inspired them. But it’s one thing to be inspired in a moment. It’s another thing to be inspired every day. To be reminded of what it is you want to do, and who you want to be.

We don’t believe it’s enough to simply set bigger goals, or dream bigger dreams. We have to construct an environment around ourselves that continuously nudges us in that direction. That is the problem we set out to solve: how can we make the Go Be More message more concrete, more consistent, more compelling?

High quality, inspirational clothing was our answer. Something you can wear while you Go Be More, and something that you can see as a reminder on the days you aren’t wearing it. We wanted it to be inspirational, of course. But also fun. Whimsical. Authentic to who we are. And of course, so comfortable you never want to take it off!

We aren’t selling clothes. We are selling inspiration, progress, and commitment you can wear.

Mario working out in our Classic Tank and Classic Dad Cap. Designed to Go Be More Active.


Our initial launch includes 10 products in our Classic Collection. The Classic Collection features the Go Be More signature logo in black and white. Simple, casual, great with a pair of jeans or your workout gear.

We’ve hand-tested (well, body- and head-tested, really) all the products, and chosen the best fitting, best feeling apparel for our initial collection. You’ll love the way Go Be More apparel makes you feel, on the outside and the inside.

Here’s a brief summary of our initial offering:

  • Classic Athletic Shirt – Our original athletic shirt, featuring our signature logo design. It’s elastic yet retains its shape. It’s durable yet comfy. It’s no wonder it’s the staff favorite for outdoor fun. This shirt will make you want to Go Be More Active!

  • Classic Men’s Tee – Our original men’s t-shirt, featuring our signature logo design. It’s soft, form-fitting, and pre-shrunk, so it will maintain its shape after washing. For those who want to Go Be More comfy casual!

  • Classic Women’s Tee – Our original women’s t-shirt, featuring our signature logo design. It’s soft, slim-fitting, and has a longer body, so it will keep you looking and feeling great. Perfect for everyday wear!

  • Classic Hoodie – Our original hoodie, featuring our signature logo design. It’s so soft and stylish you won’t want to take it off. You’re guaranteed to look cool while you stay warm!

  • Classic Tank – Our original tank top, featuring our signature logo design on an incredibly soft, tri-blend tank. It’s a perfect fit for men and women.

  • Classic Women’s Sleeveless Tee – Our original women’s sleeveless tee, featuring our signature logo design on a comfortable 100% cotton shirt. When we wanted to Go Be More soft, they gave us this shirt.

  • Classic Dad Cap – Our original cap, featuring our signature logo design. It’s got the perfect low-profile and curved visor to look great, and an easy to adjust strap to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Classic Visor – Our original visor, featuring our signature logo design. Its low-profile and curved visor look great, and its moisture-wicking fabric makes it perfect for casual wear or working out. You’re sure to Go Be More Active with your visor to keep you motivated.

  • Classic Beanie – Our original beanie, featuring our signature logo design. It’s snug and form-fitting, and the perfect accessory for everyone’s winter wardrobe.

  • Classic Pom Pom Beanie – Our original pom-pom beanie, featuring our signature logo design. It’s thick knit provides warmth and comfort, and the pom-pom gives it that Go Be More bounce.

For US residents, you can guarantee delivery by Christmas with standard shipping if you order by December 13.

We’ll be making a lot of announcements in the new year, and you’ll want your Go Be More apparel to join in the fun. With your help, 2020 will definitely be a year to Go Be More!


As we said, this is just the beginning. We are building a community of dreamers and doers. You should join us.

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