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Jon and Bryan speak with Joe Fier–co-host of the popular Hustle and Flowchart podcast–about his path to becoming a leading podcaster by, as he puts it, “surrounding himself with good people doing interesting things and finding a way to add value.”


In this episode…

We speak with Joe Fier, co-host of the popular Hustle and Flowchart podcast. Joe and his co-host Matt Wolfe have built their business around a simple concept: giving away the most value they can for free. In the process, they’ve invented and experimented with new forms of content and business models that have helped them to create a thriving business.

We spent some time speaking with Joe about how he got to this point, from his decision to leave a corporate job and pursue his side projects, to their first forays into creating content. In the end, Joe’s strategy is simple: he surrounds himself with good people doing interesting things, and finds a way to add value.

Joe’s story is a great example of how working hard, staying creative, and cultivating a network can open up so many opportunities.

Listen below to our full interview! See below for show notes and how to subscribe.


Jon and Bryan discuss Joe’s path to being one of the leading podcasters in his space, including:

– How Joe got started running as a kid and learned his discipline from running in high school, and his goal oriented, “conquer that hill” mindset
– The motivation you get from having kids to be healthy both physically and mentally
– Joe’s various jobs that led him to work with his current business partner, Matt Wolfe, at his family’s window shutter company
– His first online job helping to launch products, a skill he learned on the fly by creating and leveraging his network
– His first $1,000 investment in a mentor program, which was a huge investment for him at the time
– His strategy of surrounding himself with good people doing interesting things and finding a way to add value
– His fear of becoming a corporate zombie and his decision to pursue his graphic design and marketing projects (with his wife’s support and despite his mom’s concerns)
– His initial attempts at making content, from YouTube videos featuring Suzuki Samurais to blogs on how to be rich
– The core philosophy he shares with his business partner of wanting to learn and share what they learn freely, while making money via other channels
– His approach to learning by doing (and failing) and his creative approach to networking at seminars (hint: it involves more time at bars than joining seminars)
– How their current podcast was started as a networking tool and became a business
– Their approach to experimenting constantly, with the goal of leveraging all content as much as possible and providing the most value as possible to their fans
– How he and his partner divide responsibilities, and how he decides what to do himself versus delegate to others
– Their focus on creating (and supporting) fans rather than customers or subscribers, and Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans concept
– Bryan shares a story about Apple’s obsession with customer satisfaction, as exemplified by the “Missed Quotes” report
– How Joe accidentally created a great networking tool with his “Dream 100” email signature attachment, that gets him about two introductions per week
– And finally, Joe’s “Go Be More”: to be more strategic in his business and to be more present with his family.


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