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A short list of the topics they covered (note: we planned to talk about marketing but decided to save that for another episode):

– The importance of banter, spontaneity, and going with the flow
– The benefits of sticking to a framework or structure, with podcast segments (something we have not implemented as well as we’d like to)
– What we expected when we got started and what has surprised us after three months of doing it
– Putting thought into what you want your show to be and what goals you have for it, but being prepared for lots of iteration and exploration before you figure out what your podcast is meant to be
– The best way to get the support you’ll need is telling everybody, but you may be surprised how many people in your network become listeners
– Consistency as the driving force for improvement and enjoyment
– Thoughts on editing, editing software, and how much time you should expect to allocate to all the other stuff once you finish recording
– If you have a partner, thinking through what aspects you each will be responsible for
– What makes interview shows more difficult to do
– Our one big marketing recommendation–to tell everyone you know–not because it will lead to explosive growth but because it will lead to essential feedback
– We’ll share more thoughts on marketing in a future episode


Zoom lapel microphone (used by Jon) – B&H Photo Video

Roycel USB microphone set (used by Bryan) – Amazon Japan (not available in US?)

Descript podcast editing software – Descript

Audacity audio editing software – Audacity

Simplecast podcast hosting – Simplecast

Hustle and Flowchart Podcast – Homepage


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