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Jon and Bryan recount some of the “ah-ha” moments from recent episodes, and they look forward to hosting UCAN’s brand new Fueling the Pursuit podcast.


“It doesn’t matter how passionate we are or how much desire we have if you’re doing things in a very ineffective and inefficient way. It’s hard to sustain the effort. It’s hard to really make progress.”—Jon Rankin 

If you believe there’s value in collaborating and positive impact through conversation, then you’ll love this episode.

Jon and Bryan recount some of the “ah-ha” moments from recent episodes—thanks to compelling guest interviews. And they look forward to a new and exciting partnership as hosts of UCAN’s Fueling the Pursuit podcast.

Listen in to the best snippets and gold nuggets, and Go Be More today.


(3:25) Fueling the Pursuit, an exciting new partnership with UCAN…

(5:33) Getting better and growing as podcasters…

(9:02) Exploring new ideas through conversations…

(11:07) “We get to explore the mindset of Olympians, elite athletes, coaches, and trainers, and even just everyday people doing extraordinary things.”

(13:34) “We have a special code in partnership with them, which is UCANGOBEMORE. We’ll put a link in all this in the show notes, but if you’re interested in trying out their products, you can get 20% off and free shipping with that coupon.”

(15:52) A recent episode that has gotten a lot of feedback—exploring North Star goals and Next Step goals…

(18:39) Validating stories from Peter Gilmore and pursuing what feels right with Dani Reyes-Acosta…

(21:34) The One Thing—an episode with Bryan and Geoff Woods that connected concepts about goal setting…

(23:36) Working definitions of North Star goals and Next Step goals…

(25:55) “Honestly, the bigger the goals, the bigger the dreams, the more I felt alive.”

(26:55) The challenge with setting North Star goals…

(30:18) “I took for granted the relevance of actually highlighting Next Step goals, even if it was just a couple. You need stepping stones to understand the path or at least some of the things that are clearly required to make progress towards the bigger goals.”

(34:11) Two guys still learning and conversations that lead to new mental connections…

(36:43) Bringing clarity with two meaningful metaphors…

(40:03) “Pick something that’s big and crazy and feels huge. We basically went out to that furthest domino and we went backward saying, ‘Where do you need to be in half the time?’”

(43:06) “So it’s not that there’s a better strategy. It’s not that everything I’m doing, I shouldn’t be doing. But that there are probably other directions I can take that might move the needle faster.”

(47:03) Big visions, the courage to work it out, and therapy sessions—moving the “needle” forward…

If you liked this episode, check out our conversation with The One Thing’s Geoff Woods or our conversation about Backcasting.

Recorded March 31, 2021.


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