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Our latest podcast episode is with four-time USA 800m champion and two-time Olympian Khadevis Robinson. He shares stories from his illustrious career and speaks about why there is power in pursuing big goals.

In this episode…

We speak with KD, Khadevis Robinson, two-time Olympian at 800 meters and current coach at THE Ohio State University. Khadevis has had a career of ups and downs, winning four US championships and two Olympic teams, while also finishing the dreaded fourth place at two other Olympic Trials, which we talk about in detail.

We cover a ton of ground in this episode: mindsets, discipline, opportunities, talents, leadership. At one point, KD says he is just energy giving energy and you will feel that in this episode. KD speaks with such passion about a range of topics, and it’s hard not to be inspired when you listen to him.

This conversation was a true joy and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Listen below to our full interview! See below for show notes and how to subscribe.


We talk with Khadevis Robinson (KD), two-time Olympian and four-time US Champion at 800 meters–about his life, career, and message. We also cover:

– How KD got his start in running
– What separates the 800 meters from other races
– Training with Johnny Gray, front-running, “the twilight zone”, and how your mind works when you lead
– Why following instructions is the simplest path to success
– The importance of having a coach or mentor
– How some people’s “why” drives them to do what others won’t do
– The levels of sacrifice and discipline some people are willing to accept to achieve their goals (and eat their oatmeal)
– What’s really the problem with “kids these days” and the role we play as parents
– What it means for us that the universe is neutral
– Carl Lewis, the nature of opportunities, and the parable of talents
– The lessons he learned from finishing 4th at the Olympic trials twice, at different stages of his career
– The surprising power in pursuit
– His passion to inspire and motivate others, and how coaching is a vehicle to do the same.
– And lessons he’s taken from great speakers like Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, and David Goggins


When Seconds Count: In Minor Moments Major Things Happen (Khadevis’ book) – Amazon

2000 Olympic Trials 800m – YouTube

2008 Olympic Trials 800m – YouTube


Khadevis Robinson – Website@khadevis


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